The Exotic Perfume

During my school days I would sneak into my mother’s powder room and take a few whiff’s of her lavender and musk fragrance. Believe me or not after the first splash of her perfume I felt like being transported to another world (probably a fairyland… LOL) ,till the time that fragrance remains in my breath.

Perfumes are my all time favorite and weakness, for me the best way to know someone is through their fragrance.

wp-image-1622678487My latest pick this season are these 2 amazing fragrances from @marksandspencer , the first one is AUTOGRAPH HOMME NOIR, Eau De Toilette.

It comes in a very stylish silver bottle and looks extremely edgy. Though it’s a men’s perfume but I like to use it as unisex…..Now coming back to the fragrance, the first whiff of this modern fragrance comes with a burst of citrus and lemon. The middle notes are of mandarin, apple and spice scents and for the base it’s cool fusion of oriental notes unveiling the eucalyptus.

Though orientals belong to the more intense, long lasting fragrance groups.

Warm, Sensual, Exotic, and Spicy

Orientals are composed of rich notes such as musk, vanilla, balsam, and oak moss. Citrus and lemon are fresh, light, tangy, crisp, energizing, and mood uplifting.

Perfect for your day and active evenings.

My Recommendation: This is a good perfume at an affordable price.

The second fragrance is AUTOGRAPH HOMME, Eau De Toilette, 100ml.


It comes in a stylish GOLD bottle. This masculine, dynamic fragrance open with the top notes of mandarin, grapefruit and mint. Warm and spicy aromatic middle notes of amber, and patchouli with a deep leathery signature base.

Ideal for groomed men of all ages, the amber, leather and patchouli give it that classic gentlemanly vibe.

My Recommendation: It’s a great sports style fragrance, nicely presented in a gold bottle at an affordable price.

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