How to walk in high heels.

high heels

Whenever I purchase a new dress the first thought comes to my mind is “what type of shoe will go best with it?”

I personally believe that a nice pair of shoe can immediately elevate the class of a dress.

Though we wear clothes everyday… LoL

But it’s not easy to carry heels everyday (If you plan to wear them for 7-8 hours a day)

Over my years of contemplation with heels, and tricks to wear them with elan.  I’ve zeroed down to few hacks which makes my life easy to carry them (heels) for longer hours.

If you have to wear high heels try these style hacks.

  1. CHOOSE THE RIGHT FIT: If you’re new to heels, start with platforms. If you want to start off on stilettos, take your time choosing the right fit.Sample 15
  2. TAPE YOUR SHOES: Before going out, tape your third and fourth toes together using clear tape. This takes the pressure off the ball of the foot.Tape your fingers while wearing high heels
  3. MIND THE SWEAT: Moisture can cause ankle straps to slip and slide, use antiperspirant or baby powder on your feet.
    baby powder
  4. SANDPAPER THE SOLE: For extra grip, especially on new shoes, sandpaper the sole gently. Key word: gently. sandpaper
  5. STRETCH ‘EM OUT”: Put on thick woolen socks and stuff your feet into the shoes. Now aim a hair dryer at areas that pinch.blow dry the shoe
  6. CUSHION YOUR FEET: Use insoles, foot petals or place cotton balls under your toes for padding.
  7. BREAK THEM IN: Don’t keep your shoes crisp and new till the day when you first decide to wear them. Try them on at home. A thumb rule for heels is: never do it more than 2 days at a stretch.

My enchantment for heels drives me to find these tips and tricks.

If you too are my kind of crazy then give a shout out in the comments below. 

Image credits – pintrest 




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