“This popular beauty product is BAD for you”

Coconut oil is an all-natural wonder it can be used in many ways like, for cooking, as a hair conditioner, skin moisturizer, coffee creamer, butter substitute, and great for fries.

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But as per the recent study by American Heart association (AHA), it’s not a magical health food anymore, in fact it might be as unhealthy as animal fat and butter.

If we go by the experts then, coconut oil is packed with saturated fats, which might raise bad cholesterol. According to American Health Association (AHA) – 82% of fat in coconut oil is saturated, which is more than in butter (63%) and pork lard (39%).

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But in my opinion it’s not as bad as it’s been projected “so don’t throw away the jar”.

I personally believe that things consumed can prove to be good and healthy if it’s taken in moderation.


Hence I do not support the opinion of throwing away or stop using coconut oil.

But the question is “how to use coconut oil to get the best benefits?”

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For Cooking – do not solely depend upon coconut oil, you can always swap your oils for cooking, like olive oil, canola oil or clarified butter at times.

Use the oil in moderation while cooking, we at times drizzle a little bit more than required just to add that extra flavor or at times to faster the cooking process… don’t do that.

“Remember everything in excess is BAD

  1. For Beauty – You can continue using it for beauty regimes like,
  • –  Hair & body spa
  • –  Face & body moisturizer
  • –  As an under eye cream to reduce eye bags and    wrinkles
  • – Comforts rashes, burns and bug bites
  • –  To cure and heals stretch marks
  • –  Hair & body massage
  • –  To relieve dry hands

But to get the above mentioned health and beauty benefits I prefer the virgin coconut oil and not the refined one.

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So don’t get saddened by the news in fact, I’d wish to hear your views on how it can be more beneficial for us in the coming future.


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