The art of doing nothing…!!

In today’s busy world we all wish to have some idle time, however once we really get that, then our heart desires to get pleasure from that moment (sitting idle) and mind desires to invest that time ( by doing some activity)

I would say “Let the heart win”

Sample 3

As a toddler or perhaps these days my favorite activity throughout summers is to gaze out of the window, day-dream and do nothing.

Some may call it wasting time, but inside I feel I’m investing that time in myself. Doing my very own self-analysis, self realizations of the things or events running in my head.

I believe once the muddle of thoughts is cleared than solely what’s left behind is peace.

So idleness gives us peace and recharge our neurons at the same time.

As the Italians say “La dolce far niente” (the sweetness of doing nothing).

Actually doing nothing is an activity in itself.

For eg.. Once you’re idle your mind can get into thoughts, in those deep thoughts your brain can begin picturizing (or start painting or imagining) the immediate issues or things you’re facing or going through, as per life science when problems are converted into images in brain the solution comes faster.

So doing nothing develops your problem solving ability, make you creative or it can make you solution oriented person.

In short when your brain gets time for self-reflection, the quality of your life automatically improves. Doing nothing is far more productive than people think. For me it includes observing my environment, people, nature, watching movies, listening to music, taking long walks.

As famous filmmaker Karan Johar mentioned in his book, The Unsuitable Boy “When he takes his yearly time off he do nothing, no schedules or itineraries. He keeps walking and thinking, watch TV, movies etc.. The entire thinking process he do during his time off is later laid down on paper and gets converted into a blockbuster on celluloid.”

So here we again come back to the point that idle time makes you mind, more creative, more productive and may be more successful in future.

Your idle time is fruitful only when it nourishes your mind, soul and eventually your life… So don’t feel guilty for not doing anything… be happy for the time you’ve.


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